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My brand new puppy was completely healthy at his first checkup, and thrived wonderfully for 3 weeks after that initial health exam. Then he seemed to have a cough/ phlegm issue. We took him to the vet immediately. He had x-rays and was diagnosed with early stages pneumonia or bronchitis. I started him on the medication the vet gave me that afternoon, and by 10 pm that night I had to bring him to the emergency room because he could not breathe correctly. He spent the next 6 days in the ICU and kept getting worse despite IV meds, fluids etc. Finally he had to be euthanized. It was heartbreaking for my family and it would have been made even worse if we had to fight with insurance to get the large payment to the vet reimbursed. But it took about three weeks to get the check, and I was so glad we had chosen Embrace for Clyde's health insurance.

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