14 me month old puppy needed two ACL surgeries

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My puppy, Loki, is a rescue. He has been given the best vet care, food, and even had calcium supplements as a young pup to make up for anything he had been lacking in his diet before his rescue. He started attending puppy Pre-K at 10 weeks and eventually worked his way up and earned his AKC partner canine good citizen certificate at 8 months of age. Around his nine months mark however, he started limping. I put him on crate rest and the limping got a little better and then a whole lot worse. I brought my baby beefcake in to see our vet. Loki had a partial tear of his left acl and needed to have surgery that included a plate and screws. He was on crate rest for 12 weeks and then slowly started going on leash walks. Finally he was able to be a normal dog again and BAM he tore the acl in his right leg and once again needed surgery. Without Healthy Paws I just don't know how I could have taken care of him and had both surgeries done. The surgeries and testing have totalled close to $9,000 so far. Healthy Paws was there, and contknues to be there, to answer any questions I have. They have taken care of processing each if Loki's claims within 24-48 hours. Loki's joint supplements have been covered as well. The representatives at Healthy Paws have even sent messages checking on Loki to see how he's healing up. What insurance company does that? They have helped to relieve so much worry and stress which has allowed me to focus on doing what I need to in order for my Loki to get well and get back to being the gentle playful big boy he is. Would I recommend them?? ABSOLUTELY ... and I have to friends, coworkers, family and strangers. Thank you Healthy Paws for treating my baby beefcake like he's yours!

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