Cancelled my policy for first claim

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I am enraged by Petcare. I paid for it for all four years of my dog's life and never used it. When I recently put in the frist claim, they cancelled my policy and never even notified me! I admit I started getting very suspicious when my Vet tech suggested I call after they faxed the claim to ensure they received the claim. Every time I called, several times an day for 3 wks. I got put on hold for 20-30 mins. and then summarily disconnected. Each time this happened I called back and asked for their sales dept. instaed of claims and my call was answered in 5 mins. or less.
No one will give out the names of the officers of the company either! In my book a completely dishonest company and I plan to pursue them legally.

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Posted: 09/23/2009

I want to get a lawyer myself!