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I had purchased Embrace pet insurance for about 6 months and was a bit nervouse with my first claim due to the circumstances. I had an 11 month labrador retriever that became very ill vomiting and with a fever. I had taken him to the Veterinary where they had a cat scan on him and found out they would have to do "Emergency Surgery". For the next 2 days I was on the telephone with Embrace staff and I have to say they were outstanding in customer service, compassionate with me throughout the entire time, especially "Christine". Unfortunately my puppy had to be put to sleep. The staff helped me with filling out the claim and in less than 10 days as they had mentioned, a check was mailed to me. Embrace reimbursed me for almost the entire surgery, which ran over $5,000. When I get another labrador retriever I will definitely use Embrace again, it is worth the extra money. I have used other pet insurance companies but they just pay minimal regular doctor visits.

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