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I rarely post reviews of companies or products. That being said i must write about my experiences with PetPlan.This is the first time I bought insurance. Had dogs all my life and honestly, never needed insurance but with the costs of pet care escalating so sharply i figured now is a good time to buy. I really didn't expect to use the insurance but unfortunately had to. After having my puppy for almost a year he came down with pneumonia, i still don't know how he got it as he is very well cared for and really doesn't "hang out" with other dogs. Well he really was sick and required specialist care, my regular vet referred him to our local animal hospital. Lucky (his name) was on so many medications like broncho-dialators, several types of antibiotics, stomach pills (to help his stomach after taking the other meds!) now he is still on prednisone after recovering.
PetPlan handled my extensive claims very, very quickly. Their customer support staff was always very helpful and knowledgeable, their website was very easy to navigate and periodically check on Lucky's documents online.
I have only good things to say about this company, so far and have not hesitated in recommending them to other pet owners. I wish health insurance for people was as good as this company's insurance for dogs.
Great overall company, hope to do business with them as long as i have a dog.

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