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I was very hesitant to get pet insurance, but after having a poodle that lived to be 18, I decided it would be the best idea with our new Chihuahua.
After reviewing the other insurances out there, I did the math and Embrace with 10% co-pay and a $200 deductible seemed to pay for itself with only 3-4 vet visits per year. I also added the Wellness plan, it's like getting $50 back free. Plus they have a lot of nice reviews and only one bad one that I could find.

I received an email telling me that I needed a vet's exam to start the insurance coverage, so I thought "Oh boy, here goes! This is the FINE PRINT!" So I took Nutmeg in, and had the vet fill out the forms, as well as give her 2nd puppy shots. I submitted it, thinking that they would kick it back, because it was the initial exam.

But to my surprise, they paid the entire thing! Quickly and with nice sincere emails that did not seem to be forms, but really written by a human.

We'll see how it goes in the future, but they are starting out great.

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Initial exam, Shots
Claim Amount
Under $100


Age of Pet
Under a year

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