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Our beloved dog, Tigger, had a bad dog bite and then months later got prostate cancer. We found out during the dog bite incident how grateful we were to have insurance and had no idea then how helpful it would be months down the road when we discovered he had cancer. Having PetPlan enabled us to seek cancer treatment for him at the world reknowned University of Florida at Gainesville with their cutting edge technology. We drove him there 3 times for surgery, radiation and chemo. The pet insurance even covered alternative medicine, like acupuncture, for pain control. Unfortunately, we did have to have him put down, but having PetPlan meant we did not have to deny him any treatment and even though the bills were $11,456.61, our out of pocket was $3,761.85. PetPlan paid exactly how they said they wouldwith no hassles. We now have a new 1 year old rescue and you can be sure he is insured with PetPlan!

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