Will NEVER be without it!!

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After having lost one of our dogs,who we always consider one of the family,due to the fact that we could not perform multiple tests to determine what was wrong with her and had to put her to sleep...I will NEVER again be without pet insurance!! I feel horribly guilty to this day and it was five years ago. We have one of her puppies who is now a twelve and a half year old springer. A year and a half ago he had to have a squamos cell cancer removed from inside his lip and 16 treatments of radiation. Eight thousand dollar occurance!! We were able to do it because we paid each treatment by the week and Pets Best reimbursed us so quickly that we were able to keep up. Now he has a torn ACL in one knee and has been getting water therapy but will most probably end up with surgery because it won't heal on its own. Pets Best is extremely affordable, fair and timely. I can't recommend them more highly. I feel so strongly about them that I carry their pamphlets around in my glove box of my car so I can hand them out to others that so love their pet too. A MUST HAVE!!!!!

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torn ACL (knee)
Claim Amount
Over $1000

English Springer Spaniel

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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Posted: 12/26/2010

I am searching for the right pet insurance for me. This review was very helpful.
You will do a direct deposit for a claim?

My question is what if my dog requires an expensive operation
that costs thousands of dollars. I would not have the money to pay my vet and then be reimbursed. How would that work?