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Sometimes we forget that dogs are very capable of hurting other animals regardless if they are well trained and taimed. A dog can be having a bad day or simply react to survive when threatened. I have two wonderfull dogs. They have both gone to obedience training and they had always got along very well. One day out of some misunderstanding a terrible fight broke out. I was uncapable of doing anything to stop it because of my pregnancy and just watched how my two beloved dogs were tearing each other apart. 10 minutes later after hossing off the blood from both dogs I put them both in the back of my car and took them to emergency. Skin hanging and still blood dripping, both dogs were back to being friends. The vet bill went up to almost $2000 for both dogs...$2000 that I did not have. I payed with a credit card and before I even got the bill in the mail I received 3 checks in the mail covering 90% of all expenses from PetPlan. My deductible is only $50.Both dogs are now fully recovered and getting along fine as they have always had. I get a multiple pet discount since I have all my dogs with them and I often foster dogs for adoption which I inmediately put under insurance as well just to be protected. It averages about $45 per dog a month which is very reasonable, specially when each vet visit can be a minimun of $300. I think $45 dollars for peace of mind is totally worth it.

Thank you Pet Plan!!! What would I do without you????!!!!

Ana Mendoza
Pet Dod Tr

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Dog Fight
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Alaskan Malamute

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