deductible per incident not per year - bad policy

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After having lost two dogs in the past year who were uninsured, we were determined to insure our new puppies. One big problem I have with Pets Best is that their deductibles are per incident not, as with AKC, per year. Most of the claims we have filed have been denied due to not meeting the deductible on those issues. Also, Pets Best doesn't cover preventative medicine like heartwork. AKC does cover preventative medicine. I am very tempted to switch to AKC.
On a positive, Pets Best has had a very good response time.

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Posted: 10/05/2009

With Pets Best, if your pet has an on-going condition that requires treatment from year-to-year, your deductible needs to be met one time, not each year. Pets Best clearly represents our plans has having per incident deductibles and per incident limits (either $2,500, $7,000 or $14,000 depending on your plan). We do not have annual limits. The purpose of deductibles is to keep premiums affordable by having the policy holder pay part of the cost. The administrative costs associated with processing numerous small claims can be costly. Plans with low deductibles may be associated with higher premiums or may be subject to benefit schedules or fee schedules. Pets Best reimburses 80% after the deductible of the actual veterinary bill for accidents, illnesses or injuries. To ensure you’re choosing a plan that’s right for you and your pet, be sure to evaluate what is covered, exclusions and the types of limits the policy may impose.
Our standard insurance plans are designed to cover unexpected illnesses, accidents are injuries. For help budgeting and paying for routine/wellness care, we offer an optional wellness plan. Our wellness plan you be added to your standard accident & illness plan to help pay for annual routine exams, flea/tick/heartworm prevention, vaccines, spays/neuters and teeth cleaning.