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I have had a Pet Plan policy for two years that I've never used. I recently submitted a claim after I took my dog in for a check-up and follow up teeth cleaning. I received a form letter email saying that I need to submit medical records for the past two years or they would "consider it withdrawn." Why would I need medical records for a check-up and teeth cleaning. It's not like it is a pre-existing condition!
I'm glad I didn't blindly follow their instructions or I would have wasted hours of my and my vet's time. I called PetPlan's claims department, and after being kept on hold for 10 minutes, Michael answers. When I explain the email, he can't tell me why they asked for medical records, but he immediately explains that they won't reimburse for any routine coverage, check-ups, etc.

I'm cancelling my policy today, as it is clear that PetPlan's priority is to make filing a claim as difficult and long as possible before denying it.

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Posted: 10/06/2009

My first reaction to learning that Pet Plan didn't cover routine pet care what to reject the plan. However, after a LOT of further research, I see the wisdom of using a pet insurance company that covers the unexpected so well. PetPlan is not a wellness plan, but pet wellness isn't what breaks the bank.

Posted: 10/06/2009

I'm not sure what the OP wanted reimbursement for. Unless there is evidence of dental disease, PetPlan does not cover cleaning, scaling, minor extractions, etc. They are also crystal clear that they don't cover the cost of a vet visit unless a covered illness is diagnosed.
That said, PetPlan is *very* strict about having all of the doctor's notes going back as far as possible and definitely covering the current claim. When I was with ShelterCare, once an incident was established they were satisfied with a billing statement.

PetPlan appears to *always* want the most up to date doctor's notes. The first time I submitted a claim I was surprised I hadn't heard anything after a couple of weeks. When I called they told me they wanted the Dr.'s notes. I faxed them and got a correct check three days later.

So if you want the best service out of PetPlan prepare your vet to give you her notes before submitting a claim, ideally when you are paying your bill that day.

If the OP thinks that PetPlan is niggling in their requirements I wish him luck elsewhere. NCI - Ron

Posted: 10/07/2009

I'm researching Pet Insurance for my rescue'd dog right now, and having no-coverage for routine care is the norm. All the big insurance companies do not cover routine checkups unless you pay extra for a wellness rider (I've checked ASPCA, VPI, and PetPlan so far).
For me, I'm actually leaning towards Pet Plan because they cover hereditary conditions. Thats a big deal because I have a German Shepherd. For example, VPI has a list of 10 specific things they will not cover for German Shepherd. Pet Plan will cover those conditions.

Posted: 10/14/2009

PetPlan doesn't cover routine care. Read your policy and they clearly state that on their website. I chose PetPlan because they have richer coverage for true illness and not all the fluff for routine care (i.e. VPI)

Posted: 10/20/2009

Buying a plan for wellness coverage is simply paying for administrative costs. No company is going to sell insurance at a loss, so buyers will pay for the vet service plus the cost to administer the plan.
This is why people end up with human insurance that only covers $100 a day or something. A waste of money.

Every time I review my policy, Pet Plan comes up best by far. Still hoping the others catch up, competition is good.

Posted: 11/11/2009

I'm considering Petplan but also VPI. It is obviously stated that Petplan doesn't cover routine, so no complaining. But Josh, above, calling routine stuff 'fluff'? My yearly routine for our six year old mixed breed is, yearly check up, fecal flotation/centrifugation, bordatella shot, heartworm/lyme/ehrlichia blood test, lyme shot, canine leptospirosis, 12 frontline applications and 12 heartgard applications. Happy to hear thoughts on why or why not people think these things are worth covering.

Posted: 12/15/2009

Why on earth would you think your policy covers routine care? I have been looking for coverage for my 1 year old Lab/Viszla mix and was thrilled to find a company like petplan that offered reasonable rates for INSURANCE that will actually cover the REAL COSTS of an accident or illness, not follow some low-balled "schedule of services". Have you ever seen what a "reasonable & customary" reimbursement to your Dr. from your own insurance company looks like compared to what he bills you? Be grateful you don't have to make up the difference! Too bad vets don't work that way. I've looked at multiple plans and nowhere else can I get the kind of ILLNESS/ACCIDENT INSURANCE petplan offers! Perhaps you should read the coverages before you buy and offer a more comprehensive plan that covers "wellness" care as well. Just pray you never have a real expense or you will be crying about how llittle you get back compared to what it actually cost you.

Posted: 12/22/2009

Ted, I don't think anyone here means routine care is unncessary. If you add up your yearly wellness costs and compare that to pet insurance plans that cover wellness, you will see buying a wellness plan is more expensive because you are paying for "fluff" (as others have noted are administrative costs).
You have to pay the company and then asked to be reimbursed, minus fees or according to benefit schedules. Pet Plan is insurance for illness and accidents.

Posted: 12/30/2009

Judith - you took the words from my mouth! READ what you're buying! If you want coverage for dental cleaning and routine wellness care DO NOT buy a standard PetPlan policy. However, I recommend paying for your routine wellness out of pocket and purchasing a PetPlan policy for accidents and injuries. Accidents and injuries are unpredictable from a time and cost standpoint, unlike routine wellness visits.

Posted: 01/23/2010

We value routine care and are always on top of it for our dogs but it's not an unknown expense, we know exactly what it is going to cost each year and can plan for it. We carry pet insurance for the unexpected and unknown. Nearly all of the bad reviews on Pet Plan are from people who don't read the policy/enrollment materials or they don't follow the simple instructions for filing a claim (i.e. medical records submitted, etc.)

Posted: 08/07/2019
By: Eric J. Beck

RUN FROM PETPLAN!!! Been paying premiums on my dogs for years! Thousands of dollars. Not one claim...until recently when my dog tore a ligament in knee. $3,000 surgery. I go to claim...and PetPlan denies claim because i failed to have an annual wellness exam, something my very young dog didn't need. My vet wrote a letter saying my dog was in EXCEPTIONAL health, and that only thing wrong with my pet was the injury I just paid $3,000 to fix.

I missed an annual wellness exam 4-5 years ago. BUT PETPLAN HAS BEEN TAKING PREMIUMS FOR YEARS...and this is an outrage. They have NO system of confirming annual wellness exams. People forget, or don''t even know it's required (as in my case), or simply don't have the funds. PETPLAN USES THIS ANNUAL WELLNESS EXAMS an excuse not to pay out, and KNOWINGLY takes premium payments for insurance they will NEVER honor.

I have read other Reviews and Blogs that report the same WILDLY unethical practices. RUN FROM PETPLAN!