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I insured my puppy Lola Bean almost 10 years ago with VPI. I was a first-time dog owner and really don't know why I even thought of doing it. I can tell you, back in 2000, the rates were so low (around $8/month) it really seemed silly not to have it. Since that time, the rates have gone up (just like my own healthcare insurance!)to around $44/month (with the cancer rider). In addition to minor health problems, Lola Bean has had serious, life-threatening emergencies in the last 2 years and the insurance coverage has really been a peace-of-mind insurance for me. I know VPI isn't going to cover all the high costs of the medical care, but when I bring in my dog into the ER in respiratory arrest, and they work on her for 45 minutes to stabilize her and keep her from dying on the spot, I'm not totally freaking out over how much it's going to cost me. There's a relief in knowing that even though it's going to be expensive, I'm going to get a reimbursement that eases the financial pain.

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