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When my boxer was 6 months old, he hurt his back from the other boxer jumping on him. They did it again a month later. I took my dogs in for shots and he was checked out. No problems. I saw the pamplet for ASPCA insurance, so I got it. 2 months later, my dogs had a fever and sore neck and back. This was totally different from the other episodes. I took him to the vet and after many test found out he had spinal menigitis. When I put in the claims, equaling about $7500, they denied it saying it was pre-existing. There are no records of the dog having pain associated with fever in anywhere. I could not have let my dog go 4 moths with this disease. Then they said it was hereditary also. I found many articles saying it is unknown what triggers this disease and it cannot be classified as hereditary, plus I talk to specialists and other veterinarians, but they still denied my claim. Make sure you know what they consider hereditary, genetic or what other ways they can turn it around to their benefit.

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