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My husband and I desperately wanted to get a puppy so we called around, looked online and finally found one. We went to pick her up and fell instantly in love with her. She was a Chug (pug x chihuahua) and the cutest little girl ever! About 2 days after we got her home I brought her to the vet thinking that she might have ear mites. Turned out to be nothing but the vet that we went to see set us up with a trial package for puppy insurance and sent us on our way. About 5 days later Lelo started with vomiting and diarrhea and we took her back to the vet where she was diagnosed with Parvo. The vet told me that it is a very expensive treatment but if we went ahead with treatment she would have an 80% chance of living. So, of course we went ahead with it. Lelo was in the hospital for 7 days. We went in to visit her on a Wednesday. Our vet bill had become outrageous and we couldn't afford to go on any longer with treatment. We went in to say goodbye to her and through tears I said to her "I'm sorry baby, I wish you could tell me what to do... If you want to keep fighting we will." It's the hardest decision to make. After saying "goodbye" we were speaking with the vet and as we were, Lelo stopped breathing. She made the decision for us. Our vet bill by the end of it all was at $7,188.22 and being a student, that's a pretty scary number. PetSecure paid $5000.00. For anyone that is wondering whether or not pet insurance is worth it, I hope this story helps. Although Lelo didn't live I wouldn't have been able to give her a fighting chance without it. Thank you so much PetSecure!

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