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Being in the "customer service" world for many years, I know how important it is for companies to receive feedback about their products and service and they need to know which agents are representing them well. The agent I spoke with the other day (Vickie) was both friendly and knowledgeable and I really appreciate that. I also appreciate any company that keeps jobs in the United States!!! When will the other companies realize that you get what you pay for? Yes, a company may be able to save some money on hourly employees by shipping jobs overseas, but the quality is just not there. It's nothing personal, those folks just want to work and I don't begrudge them that, however, again, if the service isn't being provided and there's also a communication difficulty, it just isn't a good customer experience. I go out of my way to work with companies that keep jobs here, whenever possible. I digress; my main point is that I think Vickie is a keeper!
Now, with all that being said, I'm about to make a claim and I hope that I can still rate a "10" after. My dog started limping and I took her the next day to her long-time veterinarian, who advised that she needs surgery on her back leg! Turns out that what she has falls under one of the provisions that isn't covered until your policy has been in effect for a year and - thank God - this situation occurred about a week or ten days after that one year mark. Whew! However, I hope we're not going to have a problem and I'll be back on this board to advise anyone who's interested as to the outcome.

Thanks so much - Goldie

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