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It is hard to even give this company 1 star. Is there one less? Before you purchase Insurance with VPI Pet Ins, check reviews and complaints on the Internet Complaint Boards, your state's Insurance Commissioner, Your state's Attorney General's office and the California Better Business Bureau for which they are currently members. In the least, be sure you read ALL the exclusions, limitations and terms in their policy. They have a very broad "pre-existing" clause in the policy which excludes any condition for which symptoms "manifest" prior to effective date, (even if it is during the waiting period and after you have applied for the coverage) "...whether known or unknown" prior to the effective date. No--I am not a competitor. No-- I'm not trying to retaliate against VPI. I was just a regular policyholder who turned into a victim statistic. It is not over yet. I'm still fighting. Formal complaints have been filed with the State Insurance Commissioner, State Attorney General's office, and in the end we may need to pursue litigation. These are the facts of our story: We incurred an unexpected catastrophic loss of $6000.00. VPI paid a little over $200.00. We acquired a 9 week old puppy that became ill during the first 9 months of the policy (she's still fighting to survive) . They only paid a few hundred dollars, under a premier "well pet rider" we had purchased when we took the policy out. We applied for the coverage the very first business day after we acquired her. VPI found exclusions, on top of exclusions and pre-existing denials to deny over $6,0000.00. You should also know that their benefits only reimbursed on a "fee schedule" basis--this means every medical condition (if it is not already excluded in the policy) has a cap, that may be extremely low in comparison to the cost of our veterinary care. In other words, you could incur $2000.00 for just one condition, and be reimbursed $200.00 because that is the limit in policy for that condition. It does not matter that that Vet or Hospital charged you $2000.00. Did I mention deductibles yet? Yes, they apply. Price? High--in comparison to other pet insurers with better benefits. In these difficult economic times, be sure you spend your insurance premium dollars wisely. You usually only will get one chance do choose the best Insurer for your beloved pet, just like people. Because if your pet gets sick under the coverage of their policy, they do not pay, and then you try to get new Insurance, your pet will most likely be denied coverage for preexisting conditions or worse, not accepted at all for coverage by a new carrier. Best Advice: Get a good referral from friends, neighbors, someone you trust. Next, check them out with governing agencies in your state. History repeats itself. Do not allow yourself to be mislead by a nice customer service sales person, or the fact they have been in business a long time. The questions that matter most are "Will you be abandoned when you need them most---at claim time, when an unexpected illness or injury befalls your beloved pet?" "Will you be given the benefit of the doubt if there is one?" If this post can help at least one person, one family, from making the same poor, uninformed choice of VPI, then it was worth it to have taken the time to write it. Do yourself this favor--read reviews on VPI and do your research. It's all out there plain and simple and can easily be found. Yes, it takes time to do the research needed to choose prudently. I made the mistake of thinking one pet insurer was the same as the next. Also, I never dreamed that a 9 week old puppy with no history of health problems, from a reputable breeder, would ever have fallen so unexpectedly ill. But we should have taken a little time to research VPI before we purchased the policy. If you still decide to purchase VPI pet insurance despite this fair warning, and after you have done your homework, I wish you, your family and your beloved pet (s) the best of luck.

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