I would recommend VPI to anyone who cares about their pet

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I took out a policy on my dog, Corky, after he had some surgery as a puppy and a friend told me about VPI. He was less than a year old then, I think, but at any rate he was 6 years old this past February. I cannot tell you how much peace of mind this policy gives me. The customer service is excellent - they care about me and my animals. I have never been disappointed on their coverage - and it pays for a great deal I wasn't aware of. The insurance forms are easy to complete - just attach a detailed receipt provided by your vet to the form and fax it in- (forms are printed with policy # and names). It usually takes less than 6 weeks for a claim to be processed and a detailed statement comes explaining what was covered or why it wasn't. I've really never submitted a claim that some of the treatments were not covered to some extent. If something is "exempt" for any reason when you take out your policy you can even ask for another review should that illness occur. This happened to me but all I had to do was provide the past year's vet records, it was reviewed, the exemption removed, and VPI covered the majority of the bill. I was even advised by a customer service rep to submit a claim that I thought should not be covered simply in case the illness reoccurred, VPI would a record of it for future coverage. I recently lost my 18 year old cat (when I got her, there was no such insurance)but if i decide to get another, you can bet VPI will an insurance provider for that pet. I cannot say enough nice things about VPI so I'll just close by saying I wish my own insurance company provided the coverage and service for me that VPI does for Corky!

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