horrible insurance company

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I purchased insurance for my three months old puppy. VPI granted the insurance without asking for any vet's document saying no documents are required for a new born puppy. 8 months later, I brought my puppy to the vet for a routine check up, when I filed the claim the problems began. I filled out all their forms and provided all of the documents; however, VPI refused to acknowledge the claim. VPI send me a mail asking me to provide full health check documents of the puppy up to the routine check up. The vet I brought my puppy to had moved and I had changed vet since I brought my puppy home. VPI refused to acknowledge the claim without all the previous health checks from vets. VPI should have asked for these documents before they had granted the insurance instead of charging the premium every month until a claim was filed before asking for the documents. Horrible insurance company; terrible ethics.

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