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As mentioned before, their website states that claims are normally settled within 5 days. Mine took 2 months to find out I was getting nothing but $50. They claimed my dogs tumor was pre-existing. I e-mailed and called many times to check up on my status. They always apologized, but it still took forever. Finally I was told my claimwas settled and the check was sent out. Over 1 week later, I finally got my check...for $50. I disputed the claim rejection with no luck. They still said the tumor was pre-existing. $1000 later. I think I am going to drop the insurance for a while and try something else. The ASPCA seems to have a decent accident and illness policy. I do understand that my dog' tumor could have been pre-existing, but I am upset that it took so long to come to that conclusion even with a call and an e-mail per week from me.

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Posted: 07/11/2008

thank you for your honest assessment. While no insurance company wants to part with their money (otherwise they'd be out of business)--the customer service aspect of any company is critical. It also seems convenient to say that 'tumors' could have been 'gestating' prior to your enrollment in the policy. If there's a reasonable doubt--the insurance company should sway to the side of the policy holder and pay! But, that seems to be not the case with Pets Best.

Posted: 08/20/2008

Lisa, No insurance company will side with the customer. However, it's interesting that only the negative reviews warrant your "thank you's". Also, your verbage indicates you are in either the medical or veterinary field. Perhaps a fired employee? You certainly seem to be VERY angry. The phone book has a listing called "mental health" that should be beneficial to you.

Posted: 08/22/2008

If I only got back 50 dollars out of 1000 and it took two months to boot. I'd be pretty darn angry myself. Good review!

Posted: 09/14/2008

Wow, really Lisa (8/20/08?A lot of people who use this medium are here inquiring about their pets whom for most are like family. No one is interested in bashing anyone who writes out of concern for their pets.
Keep THAT in mind.

Posted: 10/14/2008

I have dealt with this firm and the first claim the took care of pretty quickly, however they didn't respond to e-mails and I had to fax it twice and when I called they did the "I'm sorry we are still working on it thing" for about two weeks, but THEN.. for the second claim.
The customer service center did not reply to multiple e-mails requesting status of an appeal on a claim they had denied (after the 30 day waiting period) and when I called in I find the claim was denied again.

They seem to be missing a very simple fact here; the animal in question did not have Hyperthyroidism or Anorexia prior to this incident and that has been certified by the medical documentation sent to their office by the vet.

Further the decline was list as being due to the condition developing prior to the effective date of the policy. This information does not coincide with what they have been provided. The condition began on or around 7/12 and the policy was in force prior to that date as well as the waiting period had passed.

It seems this company is not reviewing the information presented to them as well as providing very poor customer service. I can not justify paying a monthly service fee for a product I am unable to use.

Posted: 11/24/2008

How long was the pet insured before this all happened???

Posted: 12/02/2008

another Lisa 8/20/2008seems the one who is connected to this insurance company, do you work in their marketing department?
If not, why are you attacking a reviewer who was ripped off by this company and had a sick animal? What happened to empathy?
Now if you dare posting a negative review on an unethical insurance company, you need to go to the mental hospital?
And who suggests this? Not a therapist but someone who obviously works for that insurance company