no peace of mind - premiums much > avg payout

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Although they will reimburse for regular maintenance, if you are in any trouble with your pet, they are completely unhelpful. The way they pay your claim (if it's even covered) is set on an amount based on averages (that should be red flag #1) and then only pay 90% of that, so if the diagnosis is serious with high medical bills, the payout is usually very low (but very profitable for VPI). Our claim was $1500, with a payout of $250 even though we have paid thousands of $s in premiums over the years (this is our first non-maintenance claim). This results in you paying high monthly premiums and them paying back very little to their policyholders for major items, things you would think would be covered in any health insurance plan. Pet insurance is supposed to give you peace of mind, yet VPI provides none when you really need it. So unless you don't care about the quality of care for your pet or live out in the boondocks where you can pay the local vets with chickens (they've been quoted saying that their plans can cover up to 96% of costs "on average" if your vets costs are within their ranges - very unlikely for most of us as well as completely MISLEADING advertising), it's not worth it, there are many other better plans out there (with comparable or even better monthly premiums) with superior customer service. Get out of VPI now before your pet gets sick and it gets noted as a pre-existing condition with another policy. VPI may be the largest pet insurance company, but they are the worst in payouts and service (it's absolutely ridiculous the hoops you have to jump through to even process a couple hundred dollar payout). BUYER BEWARE - DO YOUR RESEARCH AND READ THE FINE PRINT!!! ALSO, THEY ARE A COMPLETELY PAPER PUSHING COMPANY WITH VERY LITTLE FOCUS ON CARING FOR YOUR PET!!!

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