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When I submitted my claim to them, I forgot to include the reason my pet went to the vet. Sylvester had been itching for a while and his eyes were very runny. The vet sent him home with antihistamines and antibiotics. When VPI received my claim, they did not have enough information. There was a slight dely, but I received a request for more information. Realizing that I had neglected to do my part, I sent the additional information they requested. Four weeks later I got a check for a very decent amount. When it comes to my pet they deserve the best. VPI really makes sure they do everything in their power to provide you with your monies worth. I purchased everything for Sylvester, The superior plan, wellcare rider and Cancer endorsement. I don't get back every penny I spend, but for the amount of money I pay per year on my dog and the amount I get back I totally helps me out.

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