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My lab got a nasty cut on his leg, so I took him to our vet. I was billed $388.10. I have a $50 deductible, but VPI only reimbursed me for $129. Doesn't seem fair

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Posted: 05/24/2010

Lemme, I feel for you. You are another victim of VPI. VPI uses there ‘Standard & Customary” fee structure to rip pet owners like you off. I had the same thing happen to me. The only comfort I can give you is that you found out on an expense that was not huge. When you look at the negative reviews, it is for the real expensive type procedures that VPI will take advantage of you. People like me think they have “$9,500 in coverage’ but then VPI reimbursement for these procedures are only about 15%. So your VPI insurance is really not much insurance. Alot of people get these $4,000 type procedures done and find out VPI covers $800 under thier Cusotmary Fee schedule. Not much recourse. Report VPI to the BBB. Also file a complaint with your State Insurance Commissioner’s office. You won’t get anything out of it, but if enough complaints are lodged, VPI could possible have to justify their "Noraml & Customary Fee Schedule".