Premium doubled when my dog turned 15

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I have had Pet Plan for my dogs since I adopted them. I have a 15 yer old border collie mix that has been healthy. She did have 2 ACL repairs in the past. But lately her only medical issue is arthritis. Last year I only filed claims for $600 for medication, so she has not been an expensive dog for Pet Plan. My premiums for her were just under $200/month. She just turned 15 years old. My premium has jumped to $413!! It has more than doubled. Pet Plan explained it was totally due to her age and the fact that other 15 y/o dogs cost the company in pay outs. Again, Pet Plan only payed out $600 worth of claims last year and she is well cared for and otherwise healthy for her age. I am stunned and disappointed that PetPlan felt it was appropriate and indicated that my premium be DOUBLED!! So be aware that when your dog turns 15, your premiums will sky rocket!!

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Posted: 06/24/2020
By: Petplan

Thank you for reaching out to Petplan and expressing your concern regarding your pet’s annual renewal premium increase. I can certainly understand your concern with an increase you were not expecting. There are a few factors we look at when determining the premium for your upcoming policy year; those being your pet’s age, breed, location & the risk factor for pets of the same age & breed in your area. We then look at your chosen policy details; which would be your policy’s annual coverage limit, deductible and reimbursement rate - The better coverage you have, the more of an increase you can expect to see at the policy’s renewal. We would be happy to review all available options for your pet and possibly get the premium to an amount you’re more comfortable with. Please reach out to us at with your policy number and we’ll be sure to further assist you.