Great service over 13 years, well worth the money

Out of 10

I have had PetCare since both my cats were kittens. I learned the hard way with my first two cats how awful it was to not have money when a pet is ill.
They have covered much of my one cats thyroid, testing and pills. And still do.

I recently lost my younger cat to cancer and the bill was around 1300.00 and then another 200.00 for the euthanasia. They paid about 900.00 due to the deductable of 250.00 as he was over 10 (which makes sense as yes pet will get sicker more as they get older and these people are in the business to make money as to be expected) and the co payment.

They also send condolensence with the last cheque and when I called to end his policy they said it was taken care of as they know when they see the awful words euthanasia what needs to be done. I have the MasterCare Plus plan.

I have always received payment within seven to fourteen business days. Their customer service has become 100% better than it use to be just a couple of years ago. I remember being on hold over an hour now there is always a CSR within two to five minutes. They have an auto caller that lets you know your claim was received and another to say a cheque was issued. This is a great feature. I figure that there use to only be two pet insurance in Canada way back when but now with more coming in they have had to become better at customer service and they have.

I do disagree with the co-payment as I figure the deductable should stand on its own and things have not al

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Claim Amount
Over $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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