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I have so many complaints that it would take hours to list. My main issue is the 3 hr hold time with customer service, the lack of replies to emails, the lack of timely claim payment and the billing issues. My credit card was stolen and of course, it was done the day before they tried to charge for my 3 dogs premium payments. We had two dogs die of cancer and spent about $25,000 on them so we gladly pay about $180 a month for some kind of security for the future but, when the charge didn't go through, they termd the insurance and denied any claims submitted prior to the term date. They never bothered to call us! I called them 2 days later to give them a new card and they were rude about it and reprimanded me about keeping an active, non expired or cancelled card on file. Oh, and they billed us for a few months vs the one month they were attempting to charge for. The other thing they fail at is the deductible. I took my older dog in for a skin issue. The follow up visit was to be covered with no deductible. They charged it anyway because the vet also looked at her spondilosis. Even though that was not the main diagnosis, I paid the deductible yet again! Someone needs to come up with a better plan!!!!!

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