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I had my Maltese enrolled in the Superior+Wellness plan for 9 months. I finally had to submit a claim and the first claim took 60 days and 5 inquiries by E-mail and phone to get the written response they were not paying anything claiming it was preexisting. Read Consumer's reports that this plan is a rip off. Save the $50 a month in a savings account for when your pet gets sick and bank the interest. Instead of insurance get a savings plan where your participating local Vet takes 25% off the bill each time and be ahead of the game. I'm cancelling his policy immediately as I'm sure they will do the same crap for the other two claims I have in and I'm not waiting 60 days to find out as I'll be able to save $100 from not paying the policy and only be out $300 instead of $400.

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Posted: 04/03/2010

I agree with you. There customary Max Pay outs are a joke. Lucky for me, I found this out for a very inexpensive procedure (only $117. But when I looked at there customary Max payouts, then you find out like me you don't truely have $9500 in coverage. Major surgeries where my bill would be a minimum of $4500, they would only cover 1200. I cancelled right away felt abused for paying premiums for over a year. I also cancelled my Homeowners/Auto policy with Nationwide(Who I have been very happy with) due to their affiliation with VPI. And Nationwide know exactly why I was leaving.