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Been with this company since 2000 just found out about the "small print" of pre-existing/recurring illness. They dont go by date of first applying BUT renewal dates that are done annually. Only have 180 days from diagnosis. cure and last treatment.
ER vet visits they dont cover all ot of expenses.
Also when they do they take a good chunk off the fee before they process the deduction.

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Posted: 06/29/2008

This was not there in 2000. I was also insured and have copies of the policies. They slipped it in and failed to send out many renewal notices. Sleezy.

Posted: 03/25/2009

What company was this?

Posted: 05/04/2009

What company was this?

Posted: 08/23/2009

Which company?

Posted: 02/06/2010

Company name is ASPCA.

Posted: 02/17/2010

I think they are trying to do this to me...I just took my 9 yr old girl to a skin specialist and it cost $445. and I think they are trying to pull this on me!

Posted: 07/06/2010

This is the worst insurance. They deny everything and claim it was pre existing or out of policy. I live in NYC and they only pay 25 for a vet visit? Sorry, that may work in Idaho, but not in NYC

Posted: 08/01/2010

This also happened to me. They do not go by the date first got the insurance but by the renewal date. This is very deceptive. They did not cover surgery my dog had for a repaired ACL - $3500. I am cancelling immediately.