It's an ANNUAL wellness plan-be fair to Banfield

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Our plan(s) over the years have definitely saved us money (unlimited visits, dental included, annual vaccinations). Yes is is true that we have to pay even if our pet dies and that's because it is an ANMUAL plan that they give us the courtesy of allowing us to pay out. I believe that you can cancel but you would have to then pay the difference of what the actual cost of the services you utilized were (anesthesia for dental, x-rays, dental, vaccines, visits etc) and I know that in our case if we had to pay for the actual services rendered rather than the balance of the year it would have cost substantially more. As far as those who claim the bills are padded, my vet and I always discuss the various options and their costs and in the end the decision IS MINE not the vets.

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it's a wellness plan not accident or health insurance
Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Japanese Chin

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 02/13/2017

You must be one of the few. When something goes wrong with my pet they won't even see her. They want a weeks notice and by that time the pet could be DEAD. Plan discounts don't apply if you can't get in to see a vet!