So Grateful we had insurance!

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Six weeks after adopting our terrier puppy, she swallowed a turkey bone. It was Thanksgiving so we had to take her to the emergency pet center. They X-rayed her and it turned out she had swallowed the bone whole, and it was taking up her entire stomach! She spent the night on IVs, but had to have an endoscopy the next morning to get the bone out. I was so glad we had insurance! Out of the total $1,780 bill for Skye's care, we wound up paying only $488 (our $100 deductible, the doctor visits, and the 10% copay). Throughout the process, the medical center kept saying, "We would like to do x, but that will cost $y. Is that feasible for you?" And I kept saying, yes, I have insurance. Uploading the invoices was super easy. It took a bit of a back and forth getting my medical records sent to Healthy Paws but the whole team was extremely friendly, patient, and proactive helping me resolve an issue that was caused by confusing billing by the pet hospital. I received my reimbursement checks well before my credit card statement came, so now I will have the funds to make the payment without any problem. I am so so grateful we went ahead and got insurance and did not have to make decisions between love for our pet and the limitations of our bank account! I would definitely recommend this insurance to anyone. It actually surprises me how many people go without insurance given all the crazy things that can happen with a pet.

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