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I had been considering pet insurance for a couple years but after browsing online had never really found a plan that looked like it would be worth it to get. After a conversation with a friend who raved about having insurance for her dog after a serious of injuries and illnesses, I decided to look into it again. My handsome dog was not getting any younger after all. I wanted a plan that would cover us under worst case scenarios. Embrace allowed us to set out insurance plan up exactly as we wanted it. You get insurance hoping you'll never have to use it. Unfortunately this year, use it we did.
Several months ago they found a lump in my dog's anal sac that turned out to be cancer. We were (and still are) devastated. The insurance gave us the peace of mind to seek more than one opinion on how to move forward with his care. The insurance allowed us to make the best decisions possible for our dog, without having to worry about costs. His cancer appeared about half way through the first year of our policy (although it took several months to determine it was cancer). In August he was given weeks to months to live based on the significant spread. As of December we have used about $7,000 of the $10,000 coverage we purchased and I just received a renewal letter for our coverage in January. I worried they might not renew his policy given his condition, but was happy to see they did.
My dog was a relatively healthy dog for this first 7-8 years of his life - no major issues. And then one day, he wasn't, and I have been so thankful that we made the choice to go with an Embrace pet insurance policy!
My dog was a relatively healthy dog for the first 7-8 years of his life-no major issues.

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