Wellness Policy with 1st year puppy

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Not having owned dogs for almost 15 years, pet insurance was a new concept for me. After doing extensive research I chose Embrace because they offer congenital coverage and also take regional expenses into account. Since I live in the "expensive" NE this applies to vet bills here. I was curious to see my first claim with their wellness program as I just went through the vaccination series for my cane corso pup, along with the usual digestive/intestinal upsets that seem to go along with new pups. They promptly re-imbursed me the full amount allowed for the year. All they required were detailed vet bills with a written report from the vet office. I am most pleased and intend to spread the word that they are one of the better (if not the best) insurance companies available. Highly pleased with all aspects of my dealings with this company.

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