Pets Best is a Joke

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My dog had a traumatic injury that injured his patella. They refused to pay my claim b/c they said it was congenital. The dog did not limp before the injury. I filed a dispute and they still said the same thing. The company is a joke and they steal money. I guess since all animals have genes then every condition is congenital. They just did not listen to me or my vet. I am going to specidically not recommend Pets Best to all my friends/relatives. Also it took almost 3 months to get as far as I have gotten. They are worse than people insurance. They probably just reject claims hoping that no one will dispute them.

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Posted: 02/28/2009

You're the joke! If you would read your policy, you would know that there are only a few exclusions on the policy (some congenital conditions) which are CLEARY stated for you. A luxating patella is one of them. If a dog has this, they are born with this deformity. My little dog also has this, but I clearly understand that it is something that is not covered. All you need to do is read what you purchase and things wouldn't be such a problem. They have paid all of my claims with now problems, but I also understand my policy.

Posted: 04/17/2009

I have had the EXACT same problem. My dog had a traumatic injury that injured his patella also. He has had surgery to fix the problem. During surgery my veterarian knew that this was definitely traumatic and NOT congenital because the groove did not need to be expanded.
Pets Best just assumes this is congenital and automatically declines the claim. I have since appealed and are still fighting them on this 2 months later.

And to L., that commented earlier - there is NO WHERE in the plan that states that a luxating patella is congential. The plan just states that they don't cover congential conditions.

I have cancelled my policy and would NEVER recommend this insurance to anyone. And now since I cancelled my plan they will not even speak to me over the phone. It has to all be in writing. This is absolutely ridiculous! And just to say, I'm a very easily satisfied person, so I'm not just one of those complainers!