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I had researched pet insurance for quite awhile before I came across Trupanion. I got an Aussie puppy in September and wanted to make sure I had adequate coverage for this very active breed. Trupanion seemed like the right fit for several reasons. First, they cover the ACTUAL vet bill and not some predetermined amount designated by the area you live in. People that post bad reviews may not realize what they are signing up for. If you know what Trupanion covers you WILL NOT be disappointed. They don't cover the office visit fee which we knew when signing up. Coverage begins after 30 days upon signing up. You can deterimine your copay, the most is 90% coverage, which I elected for. Pet insurance is NOT for routine maintenance such as vaccinations, spaying/neutering or is for injuries and illness and I assure you if your pet has had either, Trupanion WILL cover it. In the past 7 months I have submitted 3 claims (2 for bladder infections and 1 for an emergency visit), all of which have been approved and checks sent within a week! This is amazing insurance. Overall for those 3 claims Trupanion has reimbursed me for over $700 in vet bills and the process of submitting claims was very simple. Customer service is very nice and friendly and they even left messages if more information was needed for a claim. If you know what you are signing up for you will not be disappointed...Trupanion is really amazing. I highly recommend them and will remain a loyal customer.

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