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We've used VPI for almost 8 yrs. We had our 2 dogs and 2 cats on it since they were babies however with my disability and the economy we had to drop all but one dog We have the cancer rider and thank goodness we do. Sadly, Dakota the one we kept on VPI has had a lot of health problems. We had Martini Shen on VPI until her death from cancer . She also had the rider and we were lucky for that. I have been happy ,for the most part, with them. I do wish the coverage was higher and the usual and customary fee schedule they use was more updated. However without getting back what we do we would have lost Teeny earlier and may not have Dakota. Teeni had chemo and a lot of treatment.Dakota has had multiple health problems and she too got cancer a different cancer but cancer and her leg needd 3 surgeries and grafts ect.... so thank goodness for the coverage we do have from VPI. My only other real complaint I spoke to VPI about. A husband and wife can speak to them about their animals but they will not speak to my daughter. My daughter is 26 and a vet tech and handles a lot of the treatment of the animals which are hers and mine. She pays most bills but unless I signed every animal over to her and wrote a letter they won't even speak to her. I find that wrong. We live in the same house, the animals are ours, she handles more than I do.We both pay and I think that it is a bad policy. We are a family and the furkids are family too,like a Dr they should speak to whoever is authorized. That is my big complaint but I am grateful to have them for the coverage we have and hope one day they will change that one policy. Thank you.Have a great day.

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