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I have an English Mastiff named Henry. He had to have his second ACL operation in October/November 2009 (I think it was November). Anyway, Henry had a difficult time of it. The surgery didn't take very well, the doctor had to go back in an put in a port, he was on several antibiotics and several pain killers. Needless to say, VPI was there for me, not only for this surgery, but for the first one too. I realize paying up front for services is somewhat of a pain, but we were reimbursed approximately 95%!!! I couldn't believe it. We have been thrilled with the service we receive and the coverage we have. I recommend this insurance to everyone I know. And, we didn't have to wait an eternity for our reimbursement. It came very quickly. Overall I've been very satisfied with the service and coverage I receive from VPI. So much so, I now have the insurance for my second English Mastiff, Lilly!!!

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