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In August my 12 year old cat became infected with T. foetus, he was very ill for several weeks before the eventual diagnosis. His vets bills escalated as he required SQ fluids, X-rays, blood tests and liver and thyroid function tests. This was the first claim I had submitted for my cat in the 3-4 years I have had him insured with Petsecure. I sent the relevant paperwork in with a slight degree of uncertainty as to whether I would hit the usual "insurance company brick wall". I need not have worried, Petsecure paid the full amount I claimed for (which was total cost of treatment minus deductible and co-insurance) within 7 business days. No questions asked. My cat is slowly getting back to his old self, he has follow tests scheduled shortly and I am confident these too will be covered by Petsecure. The name says it all, you're pet really is secure with this company!

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