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I am saddened to say that I have experienced a couple of disappointing customer service interactions with Pets Best. For the past 2-3 years, we have insured two of our family dogs with this company. A 5 year old Jack Russell and a 12 year old collie. As expected, our 12 year old collie has been experiencing arthritic symptoms. Pets Best has denied claims that they felt were related to this diagnosis. They stated that his diagnosis was pre-existing before implementation of the policy, when it wasn't. Recently, I had decided to discontinue service with this company, because of claims being submitted and not being covered as expected. On Friday, 09 Oct 09, I decided to call them to see if I could continue the policy and make a premium payment (as recommended by them via an email message). I was told that that policy had expired; so I established a new policy. On Saturday, 10 Oct 09, our collie's arthritic symptoms worsened, so we took him in for a veterinarian appointment. We have now been informed that his condition isn't related to arthitis, but requires a neurology consultation. This afternoon, I spoke with two female representatives from Pets Best and provided them with the information that we had received. They informed me that regardless of when his neurology appointment is scheduled and the diagnosis received, his condition will not be covered; because he was experiencing symptoms before the 14-day coverage period. This is disappointing because, after years of being a customer, I didn't feel that they had our pet's best interest at heart. It seemed to be a "just business" interaction. What happened to their motto, "We care about you and your pet"?

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Posted: 02/26/2010

T, you cancelled the policy. While I have no great love for Pets Best, they clearly state there is a 14 day waiting period.
Donna, your answer is almost nonsensical. The condition is not "pre-existing" and that is not why coverage was denied. It looks like you didn't even read the question.

Posted: 11/10/2009

Like most other pet insurers, Pets Best polices do not cover pre-existing conditions. Maintaining your policy without any lapse in coverage will help to ensure that your pet is not without coverage when it is needed. Unfortunately, if you decide to cancel your policy and decide to pick up coverage again at a later date, it will be considered a new policy and you cannot pick up where you left off. Pet insurance policies are filed with and approved by each state’s department of insurance and there are guidelines that we’re required to abide by. “Back-dating” policies is strictly prohibited.

Posted: 11/30/2009

Well you cancelled the policy and then decided you wanted it anyway when the dog got sick again. What's the scoop with that?

Posted: 01/12/2010

When our English Setter was diagnosed with arthritis we submitted a claim for the bloodwork and vet visit fee. Took weeks for PetsBest to access the medical records on our Setter (our vet had been injured by a dog bite and had to have emergency hand surgery) and then they denied our simple claim on the basis that it was pre-existing. Our vet never told us about an arthritis diagnosis; she had treated the dog for Valley Fever previously. Throughout the entire episode PetsBest seemed to be looking for an excuse not to pay--while their reps gave cooing lip-service to our Setter's condition. This company captures the worst of the human private medical insurance and makes it worse for the pet owner by playing on his emotional concern for the pet's well-being. Beware the customer service reps who coo, for they mask the nastiness of the claims processing team. Whew!