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This is the second time I have reviewed this company. I am excited to say that I have been pleased with some of the changes they have implemented. Initially I gave them a low score of 2. This was heavily influenced by claims processing time exceeding what was listed on their site. I also thought that I would not be doing business with them even a year later. So, what's changed mind? These things...
I was impressed by the fact that a representative of the company saw my initial review and personally contacted me via email thanking me for my review and letting me know that at any time they are happy to listen to my concerns. A good company will go where the customers are and look for ways to improve their customer's experience. They have improved billing by not requiring two months premium when starting a policy and now offer a plan where your payment remains the same. For a minor fee, your pet's rate remains the same until age 10 (I believe). They could further improve this by averaging premiums on a yearly basis regardless of the age of the pet, but they are moving in the right direction. They have updated their web site to accurately reflect the length of the claims process. In all the times I have filed claims, absolutely no surprises or denials. They have always paid their 80% after deductible.

Recently my oldest cat was not doing well and when I took him in for examination, the vet discovered a heart murmur. We had xrays, ultrasound, electrocardiogram and a blood panel done to aid in diagnosis. I was very pleased to have deposited my check for $398 out of the $600+ spent on these procedures. The turn around time seems to have improved over a year ago and took about ten business days from filing the claim via email to having the check in hand., Much, much better. They also sent email acknowledgments to let me know they had received the claim and again to let me know they were processing it.

I tried another insurer first with my new kitten then with two other cats for several months. I did not cancel my Pets Best policies during this testing. There were surprises when it came to paying out claims and ultimately I don't need any surprises when one of my cats gets sick. No surprises from Pets Best.

My final comment is regarding the wellness plan. You should know that if you sign up for wellness and cancel the plan you must wait one year before you can sign up again. It also states in the policy that if you cancel the wellness, they may decide to cancel your accident/illness as well. I don't know what one has to do with the other, but this should be changed. To be clear, they did NOT cancel my plan when I discontinued the wellness, but knowing that they reserve the right to do so is why I am reluctant to sign up for wellness again. If you have multiple pets, it is probably best to sign up for wellness one at a time. I have six cats and when one got very ill, I was unable to proceed with the regular wellness for the others until his bills were resolved.

I feel this company is making every effort to listen to it's customer's and improve the quality of their products and service. If they continue on like this, I have every confidence I will be a happy customer for the life of my pets. I have and do recommend them to friends with confidence. In my experience they offer great value and relief with minimal surprises when it's time to pay claims.

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Posted: 05/23/2009

RC,Of all the comments made, yours was the most helpful (to me). I mainly go by the customer reviews when deciding what pet insurance to purchase. The company websites are informative, but they do not usually give an unbiased opinion on their insurance. I cannot imagine going without pet insurance nowadays and never want to be in a position where I have to choose between euthanasia or proper health care for my dogs.

Thanks to everyone who leaves their comments on this website...you all are invaluable!

Posted: 02/25/2010

wow, you have a great vet. My vet charged over $1200 for blood panel, xrays, aspiration (possible abscess) and one fluid sent to the lab. No EKG or ultrasound. I need insurance or a new vet!

Posted: 02/17/2010

I agree. I feel overwhelmed at the idea of garnering insurance for my pets but with an aging Pug who developed diabetes & glaucoma in both eyes, I am forced to look into insuring my other, younger dog. Pet care costs are astronomical and although I adore my Pug, I consider myself blessed that we can afford his routine health care now.
I have enough negative experience with poor dental insurance companies so am leary of pet insurance providers. RC- your comments & detailed information helps me greatly. Thank you for taking time to put into words, all the research you've done. It saves me a TON OF TIME and your experience is my best teacher. Appreciate it.

Posted: 05/25/2012

I am just learning about Pet Insurance. I just had to put down my 15 year old Miniature Schnauzer in February 2012. I have since purchased a new little schnauzer and want to get insurance for her. My other dog's medical costs for her last two years were approx. 6000.00. I am wondering have any of you tried other insurance companies? My vet recommended Trupanion, but they don't offer wellness coverage. Any advice?

Posted: 09/21/2010

my vet also charged $1100 for blood panel, xrays, aspiration and fluid/mucus sent to the lab. No EKG or ultrasound either. Cindy, you and I must have expensive vets but I thankfully purchase Petsbest insurance 6 months ago. Best decission I've made. I would have paid it regardless because my dog is my son (lol) but is great to know you will get an 80% refund check.

Posted: 08/18/2011

I regret that we did not purchase pet insurance for our older cat, 10 yrs., who developed cancer. We were told it was diabetes, had to leave her at the vet's for 10 days, then were told to forcefeed her,and give her vitamins,etc. also had her operated on to remove fluid buildup in her stomach, ...it was truly awful. My poor baby never had a chance. New vet, had to have our poor cat put down. All in all, two years later, JUST paid off our debt. Am finally thinking of getting another, since our other cat misses having another cat around, but am very leery of costs (lost my job too, during this time).