You helped save her from paralization, thank you

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I have a year and a half old pug named Cherrie. I took her to the vet for her first big check up. They said that she was not walking right. After X-rays and MRI it was determined there was a fast growing cyst in her back that was pinching off her spinal cord. She was on her way to being paralyzed fast and possible death. We rushed her into surgery and they successfully removed the cyst. It has been one week and she is out of surgery doing great! The best part of this miracle story was that I would not be able afford the surgeries with out Purina Pet care insurance. I was so afraid of them hassling me and trying to nit pick the costs and trying to find was out of paying for the surgery, but to my amazement and pleasant surprise, there was not even a phone call to question the bill. I received my reimbursement checks right away. From the bottom of my heart and little Cherrie’s heart (Pug) thank you for saving her life. Thank you for being a professionals insurance company, its nice to know that there are a few good one left!

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