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Ok, so it has been 13 days since my office visit and 12 days since I submitted my claim via fax. They finally cut my check today. I haven't had to deal with their customer service, so I cannot comment on that. I did send an email requesting the status on my claim and received an automated response asking for at least 96 hours for a response, which is all honesty is pretty excessive. How many customer service reps are working for this company? All I have to say is read your specific policy that is sent to you for the specific pet. Granted, they probably are using outdated information because I am only getting back 57% of my vet bill, but they paid exactly what they said they would pay. I definitely can say, they could be a little quicker on processing the claims, but other than that I am pleased with the ease of sending in the claim. I have put yes on the recommendation for now, but I will repost on my next claim if there is any change.

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Posted: 06/27/2008

Wow...I dont even get my own human insurance back in 13 days. That seems fast to me. I might submit my insurance for my own health and if I am lucky, 3 months later I might get my reimbursment. My pets health insurance back in 13 days would be a blessing!