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If you have a dachshund, this is well worth the money. The payout for a surgery for a disc problem is one of the highest on the list and it is a very common problem for the breed. It's surgery, paralysis, or putting them to sleep, unfortunately. I'm not sure that insurance is really needed for other breeds or any of the routine stuff and in that case is not worth the monthly premium. Just save the money and use it to pay for routine care. Because that disc surgery has a particularly high reimbursement amount though, it pays well if you have to have the surgery for a dachshund. We have had to have a neck and back surgery on the same dog and they paid promptly and with no hassles in both cases. There were also some secondary surgical complications that caused problems, and we were paid for some of that as well.

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Posted: 05/08/2009

I just tried to get a coverage through VPI for my dachsie. They told me that they will not cover anything pertaining to disc problems because "it is a breed-specific disease".