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I adopted Sammy the end of November 2009 and signed him up for Pet Plan insurance almost right away, just like the other three golden retrievers I have adopted from a rescue group. I have not had to file a claim since I have had the insurance. After Sammy had lived with me for a week or so, I noticed a discharge from his ears and an odor. I called the vet and got him in for meds and treatment, but his ear infections kept coming back. I have a wonderful vet, and she tried everything she could, but the infections kept coming back. To make our long story short, we have now spent, out of pocket, about one thousand dollars on Sammy's ears so far. And if we can't get the infections under control we may be looking at surgery. I finally sat down to put the claim together and realized that, according to the policy, I took Sammy to the vet TOO SOON - Five days before the policy waiting period was over. I called Pet Plan because I was confident that they would waive the 14 day waiting period but I was told they would not. Sammy would have gotten his medical care no matter what but I thought he had insurance to help out. I was wrong. I advised the pet plan rep that I would not be renewing the four policies I have with them, and the gentleman said, "Thanks for calling.".Very disappointing. For a company that holds itself out as caring so much about animals, they must care about the rules and bottom line more...

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Posted: 07/28/2010

Unfortunately this kind of thing is standard. We have had the same problem with insuring our horse with a horse insurance company(they wouldnt even cover us for anything do to colic). Pretty much all pet insurance companies do this. Goodluck.