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As we enter our 2nd. year of coverage with PetPlan, we have nothing but praise! We have 4 cats and a standard poodle insured under the Gold Plan.They have been fair and prompt in the payment our claims.During the underwriting process they had several exsclusions which we did not agree with and when our vet wrote a letter explaining, they did reconsider and either dropped or worked out a modified exclusion based on tests and experience over the next 6 to 12 months.This is our first pet insurance coverage and always heard horror stories about the industry. Even one of our vets had his doubts, telling us he would fill out the form, but don't expect to be paid. Well, we were paid, no questions asked. We had 2 claims paid in the early months of our policies and both were paid promptly.We have recommended Petplan to a friend with 3 cats and our daughter who has 4 cats and 2 dogs. Policies have been taken out on all. We strongly recommend Petplan, the people are knowledgable and pleasant. Amy Bellingrath is a hugh credit to the company and the insurance industry.She is a Certified Vet Tech and above all else she cares. When she doesn't have an answer to a question she always does what it takes to get the answer. I emailed her with a question about a claim we had submitted. I sent the email on a Friday evening, thinking she would have it on Monday when she came into the office;much to my surprise she emailed back the answer within a few moments. She cares on both a professional and personal level. Bravo Petplan and Amy Bellingrath!

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Posted: 05/27/2009

Hi Ellen,
I'm just wondering how much your plan went up the second year? When I just asked they stated they would go up each year 10-11% plus cost of living increase as well.

Thanks for your help!