Blue's nightmare.

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My boys are Aragon a Great Dane (4yrs) and Blue an American Bulldog (2yrs). My vet introduced me to Pet Plan when I was faced with a cap from a prior claim with VIP. Since I worry about their future (I am their sole provider) I called Pet Plan to increase their Bronze coverage to Silver. I was sure they would never need it as both are very healthy. Little did I know that a few days later Blue would be in the fight of his life.
I associated his limp with the unusual cold weather we were experiencing so when the Bengay wrap had no effect I took him in and got medication for a sprained left knee. A few hours later he started regurgitating. In the coming days, multiple X-rays show nothing but a broken toe on the right hind paw. A week later at 3:00am I rushed him to a 24 hour facility where emergency exploratory surgery revealed a hole in his stomach. Hours later and full of hope I headed home only to be told that his lung had collapsed and he was too weak to withstand another surgery. I was called in to make the decision of euthanasia. He refused to give up and the doctor said Blue deserved another chance (as he could give a mule stubborn lessons).

$15,000.00 and four days later that facility said that I had to take him some 30 miles away to a Critical Care Unit. In the dead of night, scared, all alone with a dying dog in my back seat, I wept and prayed for one last chance. Even in his helpless state Blue was happy to be with me. He thought he was going home. There, I asked the doctor if I was being selfish. Although I wanted what was best for him, I wasn’t about to give him up because of the cost. She said I’d have that answer in a day or two so we started the procedure all over. Six days later and $25,000.00 poorer, I took him home where he is recuperating. I have no regrets. His broken toe did not mend as expected but considering the trauma he endured, if he can live with it, so can I. He is a living testament to the power of prayer and determination.

All this leads up to Pet Plan. When I was at my lowest I called Amy B. and she listened. I didn’t know her personally but we had shared a picture of our dogs when I had upgraded the policies. She listened no matter how many times I called, and assisted me with paperwork and calls to the hospitals requesting information. I was in a state of physical, financial, and emotional turmoil but she always had a kind and encouraging word to lift my flagging spirit.
One day I came home to a package at my front door. I was so shocked that I forgot to read the card. It was a beautifully wrapped box of cookies and I was sure it was a mistake. When I had gathered my wits and read the card, the message said “a little something for all you’ve been through” from Amy and the Pet Plan crew. By the way, I shared it with them (well, I ate most of it) and we three agreed, it was delicious.

A few days ago I was pleasantly surprised (ok! elated) by the check I received. Thank you Pet Plan. This will put a huge dent in Blues medical bills. I hope to upgrade to gold soon as I have learnt my lesson. My vet and his assistants took special interest in this case. They are so pleased with your performance that we are all spreading the word. Pet Plan, you are a genuine company in every way. I am so glad they introduced me to you.

Kathleen King

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