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I'm still waiting for them to pay my claim from July 1st. It's now 2 months later and every time I call I'm told the cheque is being sent "in a week" and it never arrives. They've approved the claim and sent me one cheque but made it out incorrectly so that I was not able to cash it. They would not reissue the cheque until I mailed the bad one back and are still stalling on reissuing my cheque!
They've paid out on a subsequent lower claim ($68) but they are doing everything they can to stall paying me my $550. They state their turnaround time on claims is 5-7 days and it certainly can be quick--it was for my much cheaper claim. I don't know if this is common practice with them (this was my first claim with them) but if other people have had similar experiences I hope they too will share them. At the very least be prepared for the possibility that this company may act like a typical insurance company and do what they can to avoid paying a claim.

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