Never cursed so much over the phone EVER!

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Here's some background, for 3 years my dog was losing fur and itchy VERY itch. I had been in and out of the vet office so much I felt like I lived there. Each time the doctor would tell me it was allergies, after look at my bald, coned up dog I decided to get him to a specialist. I knew I would cost me so I decided to get insurance to see if we could at least get discounts on his treatment. So I called Embrace and said "I want to take my dog to a specialist because I don't think this is allergies. Once we get a diagnoses would we be covered?" person over the phone said yes because we would have a proper diagnoses. I get my dog to a specialist and he has eczema! We paid for the skin scrape, several other tests and medication. Send in the forms and were rejected. Why? Eczema is under the same umbrella as allergies which he had a diagnoses for, mind you the vet said it was environmental allergies. I when I repeated what was originally told to me they said “we have no recording of that conversation because you were not a member then” well the reason I became a member was based on that FIRST conversation! I canceled my policy right there because I felt I was lied to. So I dropped them and my original vet that day.

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Skin problem

Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Boykin Spaniel

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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