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So I bring my pet in for a wellness visit and an ear infection, just to learn nothing is covered at all I had gotten the highest tier account I could get. Well now after $300 I am told that I don't have this and don't have that. This is now 2 months after my claim was initiated I couldn't believe how long this was taking. Now I'm told I can pay more per month (an unknown amount at this point) to get wellness coverage that I was led to believe I had already had! But great to know now her anxiety created this ear infection and they won't cover her anxiety. She is a GSD they all have anxiety. I am left here wondering why I pay this company $30 a month when I could just save that money and pay the 300 in the first place just to the vet?and save myself $60 oh wait that would be $360 because they didn't even cover it! Most likely won't be seeing this as an actual review anywhere but rest assured I will be posting it other places as well. Unless you can rectify this?

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Ear Problem

Claim Amount
$100 - $500

German Shepherd

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 01/16/2017

Sandra, in your review you never said what insurance company you were dealing with.

Please tell us who to avoid!

thank you for posting