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We have been dealing with Nationwide (VPI) for at least 9 years. After owning 2 cats and knowing the expense for pets when they sick I got pet insurance for our dog Bella within weeks of owning her. I choose Nationwide (VPI)because it was the highest rated. Now my dog has cancer and has needed surgery and is undergoing chemo, not to mention having two teeth pulled, radiographs, x-rays and biopsies. I am so happy to say Bella is doing great now, she is so perky and alive and we hope her truly improved quality of life will continue. Nationwide sure has done its share, picking between 70- 80% of the cost and always being available over the phone to discuss various benefits of our policy and the status of submitted claims. The representative is always very empathetic and helpful (even if it is not exactly the answer I am looking for). Nationwide has truly been a financial partner in this ordeal and over the 9 years we have owned this insurance.
Nationwide consistently pays for itself. Never have I had to argue my case this is really pet health insurance that covers a lot of expenses. I offered to provide this recommendation and have been telling everyone I know that pet insurance is a must. Of course it is best to buy it when you first get your pet. So I (and my dog) are very happy with Nationwide and urge everyone to consider buying pet insurance. I would not own a pet without it. Yes: "I've been compensated by Nationwide for my honest review" but I would write this without compensation and the compensation $5 is really more of a thank you than an incentive.

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