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My 10 1/2 year old German Shepherd, a retired Champion, was fine at 6pm, relaxing in his crate after he ate. At 7:20pm he started squeaking. When I checked on him, I realized he was bloating. Time is of the essence, as you have a 1-3 hour window to get them to the Vet for medical intervention to save their life. I was able to rush him to the ER and they saved his life with surgery. It is so comforting to know PetsBest is there for me, once again, to help save my dog's life. It seems that these life saving surgeries tend to cost $3500 to $5,000.I have had PetsBest since 2009. I have all of my cats and dogs covered with them. It is a great benefit and peace of mind knowing I can count on them. Very fair, very prompt.

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German Shepherd

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