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My tiny 4lb Chihuahua had a bad infection caused by bad teeth. I adopted her when she was 4. She is 8 now. I took her to the dentist and he discovered that one of the K9s had to be extracted because it caused the infection. It also affected several other teeth and they had to be extracted as well. Plus cleaning of the remaining teeth. The bill came up to $980 and Nationwide only covered half of it. It helped but I hoped for more. After that claim was closed I asked how much they would cover for knee surgery on both rear legs. My dog developed luxating patellas as she got older. In order to get this procedure done before she gets to old or the patellas get worth, she needs this surgery. It is not a pre-existing issue, it developed within the last 8 month. When I asked I was told that they do not cover this kind of surgery since it is a common problem with Chihuahuas. So .... why am I paying insurance every month??? I am thinking of canceling my policy.

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Dental infection
Claim Amount
$500 - $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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